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Welcome to the BrewBottles web site!

The site is now under construction. If you want to know as major parts are added, email me at

The site will at first contain the BrewBottles (somewhat small) beer mat collection and details of some of the more well known breweries, followed by the BrewBottles bottle collection (currently about 150 different bottles), and the BrewBottles review, in which I will comment on the beverages tasted.

If you want to see the meagre amount that i have uploaded already click here.

See my other site at

I suggest that you use a monitor resolution of at least 800×600 pixels, but the beer mats are about the right size at 1024×768 on a 15" monitor. Use MS Internet explorer if you have it because the pages don't view properly in Netscape.

Mail me with any comments you may have to